If you’ve recently spruced up your home with new carpet then you’ll be glad to know that the best time to take action to extend the life of your carpet is now!

Why wait?

1. Regular vacuuming

The best thing you can do to maintain your carpet is regular vacuuming. Make sure you’ve got a good vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and can do the job properly. This will make all the difference!

Soil and sand in your carpet rub on your carpet fibres every time you walk on it, which not only wears away your carpet but can also cause the dirt to bond permanently with your carpet, creating those frustrating traffic lanes.

The need for vacuuming varies depending on how many people live in the residence and whether you have kids, pets or smokers. Ideally vacuuming should be done daily or weekly.

2. Take your shoes off

If you take your shoes off every time you enter the house, you’ll be breathing new life into your carpet. Let’s face it, your carpet doesn’t need the dirt from the bottom of your shoes, save that for the outside.

3. Use entry mats

Entry mats are the next essential ingredient for a healthy clean home with long lasting carpet. Having entry mats made when you get the carpet installed allows you to choose the size and shape of the mats and if we’re going to talk plain old vanity here, entry mats that match the carpet just look great!

4. Move your furniture

Attention all homeowners: Do you value every single fibre of your carpet and want it looking new for years to come? Carpet manufacturers recommend moving furniture every 12 months, this helps reduce the severity of furniture marks in the carpet but also, if you have heavy wear areas, they are more likely to blend in.

5. Professional carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning should be planned for every six to twelve months. Many people wrongly believe that carpet cleaning is ‘what you do when your carpet looks dirty’ but the truth is, your carpet will last much longer if you clean it regularly.

Even if your carpet doesn’t look dirty, it still needs to be cleaned at least once a year; this will remove that soil that your vacuum cleaner can’t get to; as well as the food, drink, mud and stains that have accumulated over the year.

If you wait for those nasty traffic lanes to appear before you, then you’ve waited too long, it may already be too late to return your carpet back to that good-looking, soft-textured floor covering you enjoy so much so pick up the phone and call now: (239) 333-5655

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