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3 Tips To Protect Your Tiles: Give Your Floor That Extra Protection

There are many reasons to love tiles. High quality tiles ooze class and offer excellent durability. However, if you don’t maintain and clean the tiles, they lose the shine and present a weary look.

Ever notice how your tiled floor gets darker the closer you get to the edges of it? This is because grime, dirt, and other things are being tracked in from the outside. Tile floors are rigid surfaces that can take a lot of abuse so long as they are properly maintained. One of the best ways to maintain tiled floors is to have a professional company like My Cleaner Inc. clean them periodically.

However, if you neglect the floor’s maintenance needs, it starts presenting a rugged and weary picture that reflects poorly on the entire property.

If you want to avoid that weary look, then here are five tips that can help you protect your tiles.

1) Protect the Tiles Using Rugs and Doormats 

If you want to keep your tiles looking their best, you must protect them from the elements. Putting carpets and rugs around foot traffic areas can help protect tiled floors. Rugs can catch dirt and dust contaminants that scratch and wear down the tiles.

Make sure these area rugs are big enough to cover a few feet of space on each side of where they sit or hang (e.g., in front of doorways). However, ensure that you clean the rugs regularly and they don’t become dirty.

2) Take Extra Precautions with Pets at Home 

Pets can be great source of comfort, but they can do some severe damage if you’re not careful. Dogs and cats both shed hair that becomes tangled with the fibers of your rug or carpet over time. A single cat can drop around 24 pounds of fur in its lifetime! This means more frequent vacuuming, for sure.

Pet urine contains acid that eats away at your tiles’ surface, so it is essential to act quickly! Also, remember to trim your pet’s nails as they can scratch the tiles and damage them.

3) Sweep and Mop the Tiles Regularly 

It’s important to sweep and mop the tiles regularly. You can use a standard broom or vacuum, but it is recommended that you invest in a microfiber floor sweeper specially designed for tiles.

Mops are much better than rags because they allow you to get deep into the grout lines where dirt has settled. Remember not to skip this step when cleaning!

Regular maintenance will keep the tile surfaces looking great, so you’ll never have to worry about installing new flooring again!

Avoid using products like ammonia-based cleaners, bleach, polishes, and wax, as these can damage your floors if used too often.

Calling a professional tile cleaning service once in a while to repair all tile damage can protect your tiles. My Cleaner Inc., the professional tile and grout cleaning agency in Naples, offers you the opportunity to get a neat floor at an unbelievably low rate. We provide a range of home and commercial cleaning services, giving you a spotless surface and an odor-free environment. Get a free estimate now!