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Top 6 Hacks For Pet Odor Removal To Consider In 2023!

Dealing with the bad smell is the everyday task of pet owners. While pet odor removal is a challenging job but it can be possible when a little bit of effort and strategies are implemented. Here you will get the top 6 hacks for pet odor removal to consider in 2023 for your home. Choose these hacks to reach a satisfactory odor removal result.

Easy Hacks For Pet Odor Removal

Sweep And Mop Your Home’s Hardwood Floor

The first thing you should do is to get rid of all the debris, pet dander, hair, and other dust contaminants from your home. As these are the initial things that enhance the bad smell in your home. Sweep gently and ferry them to the dustbin so that debris doesn’t spread to other areas in your home. Once you have swept everything, mop the hardwood floor surfaces to eliminate the extra dust and debris you missed during sweeping.

Vacuuming Is The Ultimate Key To Cleaning

After cleaning your hardwood flooring, now it’s time to pay attention to your carpets. They hold a massive amount of your pet’s hair, dust, and dander. As a result, it is essential to vacuum carpets thoroughly. Here, you can also take the help of professionals to get more quality carpet cleaning results. Apart from rugs, vacuum your upholstered furniture and curtains. Note: Try to purchase the vacuum which is specially designed for pet odor removal.

Steam Clean Carpets And Wash Your Pet’s Bed

Once you have eliminated all the dry components from your carpets, now it’s time to steam clean your carpet to eliminate odors that have been trapped in the carpet fibers. You can also hire a professional pet odor removal service that uses pet-friendly chemicals before starting the process. Also, ensure that the carpets are dry before you allow your pet back inside. Also, clean your pet’s bed as it is the main source of bad odors or stains. So, either you can wash it or replace it with another.

Use Odor-Sealing Paint For Stubborn Spots

Along with carpets, pets can stain the lower portions of your walls. Here, you can either replace the affected area of the drywall or repaint the area with a stain and odor-sealing paint primer. This can be a quick and easy way to remove pet odor from your home. Along with this, you can also use paint primers to remove urine-based odors from your wooden furniture or painted wooden floors too.

Bath Them Regularly 

Although pets don’t like to be bathed, bathing them regularly will remove all the dirt, dust, and foul odors. Your pets may carry bad odors due to allergens and pollutants that ultimately make your surroundings smell bad. Bathing them regularly and keeping them clean will help your surroundings smell clean and fresh.

Wash Your Pet’s Stuff

Pets have so much stuff, and all of it doesn’t smell good if it is not washed regularly. Wash them regularly to remove musty and foul odors. Washing and cleaning them regularly will keep the odors at bay. However, some items are machine washable while some can be only washed by hand. There’s a simple hack for hand-washing stuff. You can mix baking soda and white vinegar. Spray this mixture on that item that cannot be machine washed, and it will remove all the bad and musty odors from the pet stuff.

Summing Up

Pet accidents happen! Pets are adorable, but their odors are not. It is very irritating and frustrating if your surroundings are full of bad pet odors. Hence, these are the 6 hacks for pet odor removal to consider in 2023 safely. The six hacks mentioned above will keep all the musty and foul odors at bay and will keep your environment smelling clean and fresh.

7 Tips to Prolong Your Carpets Life

Carpet is an integral part of our homes. It not only provides warmth and comfort but also adds aesthetic value to your home. But at the same time, it is also one of the most used parts of your home. It constantly goes through so much foot traffic and dirt accumulation throughout every day.

Due to this regular wear and tear, its life decreases over time. And since carpet is a major investment, you will certainly want it to last long. However, along with the cleaning and maintenance, there are several things that you need to take care of.

Here we have discussed some important tips to prolong your carpets life that will help you protect your investment.

Tips to Prolong Your Carpets Life

Select the appropriate fiber. 

Some fibers are more hard-wearing and stain-resistant than others. If you have a hectic schedule, busy family, or pets then it is better you select a fabric that can perform well even under a constant barrage of feet and spillages.

Select the correct style. 

The bigger or higher the carpet pile is, the more difficult it is to vacuum. And the wider and deeper will be the area where dirt particles can accumulate and constantly rub the fiber at the base of your carpet.

Look for the warranty. 

Most synthetic carpets will have similar stain warranties guaranteeing performance to deal with food and beverage spills only. While some also cover texture/appearance retention, fade resistance, and more. Learn what your carpet is capable of dealing with; it will help you properly maintain it accordingly.

Restrict dirt from entering the indoors.

The smallest particles of dirt can penetrate your carpet within some time and start ruining the fiber from its roots. If you want to prolong the life of your luxurious and exotic carpets, utilize doormats for wiping shoes. This will minimize the dirty foot traffic on your carpet.

Moreover, disallowing the shoes inside your home altogether would be even better.

Move around your furniture.

Carpet can get damaged by handling the furniture weight in the same place for a long time. So, shift your furniture a bit or keep on rotating your carpet to maintain its look. This will give it some rest, letting the dents go, and it’ll regain its shape.

Shifting the furniture will also ensure that the wear evenly distributes on all sides of your carpet. Also, while you move it around, try to avoid exposure of your carpet to direct sunlight.

Vacuum daily.

Regular vacuuming is vital. Therefore, vacuum your carpet twice a week in the high-traffic areas and once a week in the rest of the carpet areas. The issue with dirt and oil is that they attract more dirt and oil. So avoid their accumulation for a long time.

Also, use your vacuum cleaner properly. Set it at the right location and pass it over the fiber slowly. This will suck all the dust and also protect the fibers from damage. It is also advisable to clean off the spills as soon as they happen.

Additionally, you should clean the carpet according to the type of fiber it is made up of; there are different cleaning methods for different materials.

Professional steam cleaning 

Professional steam cleaning plays a vital role to prolong your carpets life. DIY cleaning is not always enough to ensure deep cleaning. Make sure you have a professional steam cleaning twice a year. Professional cleaning and maintenance will give spotless and meticulous results, making it last longer.

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