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Discover The Science Behind Carpet Cleaning

Any time someone spills wine or food on your carpet, you try to remove the stain yourself. You go online and search for different methods to clean the stains. However, many times these methods fail and you realize that your carpet is in much worse condition than before.

Well, it is rightly said, “Half knowledge is dangerous”. The same case applies to carpet cleaning. Without having a good idea to clean carpets, how will you clean them effectively? So, to help you out, this blog discusses the science behind carpet cleaning.

Study The Science Behind Carpet Cleaning

⇒ Dry Soil Removal

Basically, this method involves vacuuming the carpets. It will remove every dry wastage from the carpet surface. This method uses a more rigorous way of vacuuming and differs from your regular cleaning.

Moreover, it removes approximately 60% of dust flakes and bad elements from the carpet. Additionally, this process separates the carpet fibers, making cleaning more effective.

⇒ Soil Suspension

This method removes deeply embedded soil and dirt from the backing of the carpet. It mainly focuses on four factors, which are:

  • Time: This is a very crucial step. If not given enough time for cleaning products to settle in, then the process won’t be effective. Moreover, if it is left for a long time, the soil will settle deep inside the carpets.
  • Agitation: This step is important as it stops the soil to settle back into the carpet. Moreover, it also helps in separating the carpet fibers.
  • Temperature: High temperatures activate the cleaning agent and make the process faster and more effective.
  • Cleaning Products: Right cleaning product will clean the carpet amazingly, but the wrong one will ruin it. So, it is of utmost importance to choose the right cleaning product. Moreover, it is best to opt for green cleaning products for safe and best results.

⇒ Extraction

After the cleaning process is over, it is essential to remove the cleaning solution and dirty water from the carpets. For better results, get the help of professionals. They use truck-mounted vacuum cleaners to give you a fresh-looking carpet.

⇒ Drying

Last but still the most important step. If the carpet has not dried properly, then it can cause mold growth in it. So, make sure to completely dry your carpet before you use it. Mainly this takes 4-12 hours depending on the climatic conditions of the place you live.

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Know Better Science Behind Carpet Cleaning From Professionals!

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What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method For New-Like Look?

There are so many types of cleaning methods available in the market apart from just shampooing your carpets. Most homeowners don’t know what is the best carpet cleaning method for them.

Some cleaning methods give instant results while for some you need to first dry the carpets to see the results. Since carpets are an expensive investment, choosing the right cleaning method can be intimidating.

To clear out your confusion of what is the best carpet cleaning method for you, keep reading further.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

So let’s find out what is the best cleaning method by learning the pros and cons of each cleaning method.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method is known as surface cleaning which uses little to no water to clean the carpet. This method is mainly useful in high-traffic areas, as it takes less drying time.


  • This method is simple and doesn’t need training to perform well.
  • The approximate drying time is twenty minutes. So, you can use your carpet again in no time.
  • Inexpensive, i.e. budget-friendly carpet cleaning method.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Cape Coral FL


  • If the cleaning powder is not removed properly, it may remain in the carpet for years.
  • May cause an increase in dust build-up in carpets.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning uses the “Hot Water Extraction” method, which is also known as Steam Cleaning. Steam cleaning machines come in two sizes; portable and truck-mounted. Portable steam cleaning machines are useful for small spaces while truck-mount are used for big commercial spaces.


  • Good for extreme deep cleaning the carpet.
  • Uses steam to clean the carpets and so it is safe for the environment.
  • Most widely used method for carpet cleaning.


  • Takes somewhere between 4-12 hours for the carpets to dry.
  • Expensive when getting your carpet cleaned by professionals.
  • Can get great efficiency only with expensive equipment.

Looking To Hire Best Carpet Cleaning Services?

Without a doubt, the answer to the question; what is the best carpet cleaning method is Dry Carpet Cleaning. As it is efficient, takes less time and is also less expensive than steam carpet cleaning.

My Cleaner, a leading carpet cleaner near Cape Coral, provides supreme quality carpet cleaning at an affordable price. We provide a 30-day clean carpet guarantee to reassure you of your workmanship.

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