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What Are The Factors Affecting Pet Odor Removal Service Cost?

When you have pets, they will roam everywhere in your home. It increases the chances of more pet stains and foul odors at home. These bad stains and odors cause harmful bacteria in your home upholstery, carpet, and flooring. Then these bacteria can spread dangerous diseases in the environment.

The urine, feces, and pet vomit on your home carpets cannot be just cleaned by shampooing and washing the carpet. This type of stain affects the inner fibers of the carpet and so it needs a professional pet odor and stain removal service. The pet odor removal service cost can range between $500 to $1400.

Basic cleaning and deodorizing can cost $500 or a little more. While if you want complete odor remediation service then it can cost more than $1400. The cost varies based on different factors of pet odor removal service.

odor removal service

3 Factors Affecting Pet Odor Removal Service Cost

1. Source of odor

If the foul smell is due to new puppy accidents, then scrub that stained area and simply deodorize it. While the cause of a bad odor is repeated urine stains then you need a professional odor remediation service. A basic steam cleaning is a good method to remove the foul odor coming from new pet accidents.

A steam cleaning process costs you around $75 to $200 per room. Adding extra odor elimination service can cost you between $30-$40 per hour. Total odor removal service cost and its remediation ranges on average between $100-$250 per hour.

2. Problem severity

The more severe the cause of the odor, the more severe the problem. If your pet’s urine has penetrated deeply into the carpet fibers, then you have to remove the affected carpeting. Even when the urine seeps below the surface of the flooring, then you need to replace that whole affected floor area.

When you rip out the affected carpet, it will cost around $50 to $100 per hour. The cost of replacing the wood flooring cost between $500 to $10,000 per room. This cost varies on the size, type of flooring, and space of the room.

3. Type of cleaning process

The type of cleaning process that you choose for your pet odor removal decides the cost of service. If you want a standard level of quality carpet cleaning, then it cost $150 per room. The cleaning of your room upholstery furniture will cost you an extra around $50-$80 per each.

If you use a dry chemical cleaning process, then it ranges between $120-$150 per room. The ozone shock treatment process will cost around $300 for a room size of less than 1000 square feet. It cost you $1,100 for big rooms of more than 3000 square feet.

Looking For A Cost-Effective Pet Odor Removal Service?

The labor cost of all other professional odor remediation experts ranges around $75-$250 per hour. While to get an odor removal service cost under your budget, My Cleaner is the best choice. Our professionals have expertise in removing pet odor stains from carpets and furniture. Book your appointment now by calling (239) 333-5655. Stay updated with the latest tips for pet odor removal on our social pages on Facebook, and Twitter.

How Much A Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Cost?

Dryer vents of the washing machine get clogged with dirt and debris even if they are used regularly with proper care. You need to clean these vents to get the smooth functioning of your clothes dryer.

The professional dryer vent cleaning service cost ranges between $90 to $450. As such this cost varies on different factors based on your requirements and also on your dryer vent condition.

Which signs show the necessity to go for dryer vent cleaning?

dryer vent cleaning service cost

  • When the laundry room remains warm than a normal condition.
  • The clothes come out of the dryer with a bad odor and in the much warmer situation than normal.
  • There occurs a rise in energy bills
  • Lint filter quickly fills up in an unusual manner.

Three Different Situations of  Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Cost

1. When the dryer vent is fully clogged

A fully clogged dryer vent is filled with the excess amount of lint, dirt, and debris in it. The professional cleaning of a fully clogged dryer vent can cost between $160-$200. Also, such dryer vents contain bird or rat dwelling in it.

2. When the wet lint is formed in dryer vents

The professional cost of drying the wet lint inside your vents ranges from $100-$300. You can also use a dryer vent cleaning brush kit to dry the lint at home on your own.

3. When the ducts are broken or the plastic hose is disconnected

You have to buy new ducts or plastic hose costing between $25-$28 for replacing the broken and disconnected ducts.

Apart from the above 3 costs, there are labor and enhancement costs included in your dryer vent cleaning service. Basically, one session of your professional dryer vent cleaning costs between $90 to $160. To enhance your dryer vent condition quality, you need to remove its bad odor and harmful microorganisms. It may cost you $50-$100.

Looking For Budget-friendly Dryer Vent Cleaning Service?

To get the budget-friendly dryer vent cleaning service in your area, My Cleaner is the name of trust. Our experts provide the best dryer vent cleaning services in Cape Coral, Fort Myers FL, and Naples FL. Book your appointment with us through a call on (239) 333-5655. Also, stay updated with tips on dryer vent cleaning on our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

3 Best Methods of Cleaning Mold from Shower Grout

Due to the porous nature of grout, it is highly exposed to the microscopic level of mold and mildew growth. At home, you can keep your bathroom tiles dry and protect them from the generation of harmful microorganisms. But how you will remove moisture from it?

Mold can easily develop in moist and warm places. Thus, your bathroom grout tiles may become a breeding ground for mold generation. Even the shower grout is exposed to mold as it stays wet. Learn the 3 quick tips for cleaning mold from shower grout in your bathroom.

Top 3 Quick Tips for Cleaning Mold from Shower Grout in the Bathroom

  • Use a chlorine bleach solution

Scrub the chlorine bleach solution on the moldy shower grout with the help of a rigid toothbrush. Do wear a protective mask before using this bleach solution to prevent inhaling it. Let the exhaust fan stay on and after 30 minutes rinse the grout with warm water. Repeat the process until the mold disappears.

  • Prepare the baking soda paste and apply it

Baking soda remains an all-time best cleaning agent for grout lines. Take half a cup of baking soda in a vessel and add a few teaspoons of water to it. Stir the paste until it gets a spreading consistency. Now apply this paste to the grout and let it settle there for 10 minutes. Then after scrubbing the moldy grout with a stiff brush, rinse it with water. Repeat the step as needed.

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  • Purify the grout area with white vinegar

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent and also doesn’t cause discoloration of grout like chlorine. Spray white vinegar on the moldy shower grout and allow it to settle for 30 minutes. Then scrub the grout with a stiff brush. Again spray white vinegar and keep it for 30 minutes on the grout. Now rinse the shower grout with warm water. If it is necessary then repeat the process to clean the area thoroughly.

Do You Wish for A Shiny Shower In Your Bathroom?

As the bathroom is a place that remains wet and moist every time and so becomes the perfect home for molds. You can follow the above 3 tips for cleaning mold from the shower grout of your bathroom. Also, these tricks can be used for cleaning other grout tiles in the bathroom.

As sometimes it becomes a tedious job to clean mold from small pore areas, so get a professional touch with My Cleaner. Avail the expert tile and grout cleaning service for removing mold. Book your appointment now at (239) 333-5655. Get new short updates on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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