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How is Inhaling Cat Urine Dangerous For Health and Hygiene?

Everyone knows that inhaling cat urine is dangerous and it should not even be touched or breathed. Also, there’s a danger to other pets from the cat urine as it has a very distinctive bad odor.

 Cats use these urine smells in their hunting grounds area to fear other animals coming there. How much is inhaling cat urine dangerous for the health can be known after learning these below 3 risk factors.

Know About the 4 Risks Caused by Inhaling Cat Urine

 1. Ammonia concentration level increase

 The urine of a cat has a high concentration of ammonia levels in it. After it turns into a solid form, its concentration level increases. Ammonia breathing can lead to respiratory, asthma, and bronchitis health diseases in people. Many other side effects like runny noses, itchy skin, red eyes, rashes are caused due to it.

2. Activate more allergies

 Even if you are cat-allergic or not but their urine can trigger various allergies. The airborne allergens are not only found on cat fur and skin but also present in their urine. Be cautious while cleaning the pee puddles and stains as it also imposes various allergy risks.  

3. Provoke the cat to re-offend back

 The kitty may get annoyed if the pee and poop stains from the floors and carpets of your house are not cleaned. As these stains act as a strong spot signal for them to pee in the same place again. Also, remember that if your living room stinks like urine then maybe your cat doesn’t use the litter box. It also makes them re-offend back.

 4. Attracts the neighboring cats

Cats in heat go crazy and they can smell other pet urines. This way they are attracting all other neighbor cats to their place without putting any effort. Now it becomes hard to calm down the furball during mating season. Also, nobody likes that his pet wanders around homelessly in any other’s yard due to this pee stain odors. 

Little kittens sitting in cat toilet

We hope you are clear about how much is inhaling cat urine dangerous for your health. Thus, try to avoid delay cleaning your cat’s mess for a later time. Also, neutralize all the stains as early as possible to prevent various health diseases and allergies.  

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Upholstery Cleaning Tips To Enhance Home Aesthetic Appeal

Just like a carpet, upholstery also performs an important role in your home appeal. Therefore,  maintaining your upholstery is a major task. Here we have mentioned some upholstery cleaning tips to keep it cleaner for longer. 

Upholstery Cleaning Cape Coral

Clean Your Newly Purchased Upholstery Before Using It

Do not start using upholstery right after buying it. This can cause unpleasant chemical odors and infections because of the out-gassing process. Perform thorough cleaning on new upholstery and then start using them. 

Don’t Allow The Liquid To Soak

It doesn’t matter the spill has occurred because of an accident or your pet pees on your upholstery. Instant action is always important. Especially do not allow the liquid to soak into the upholstery because it can damage its inner stuffing. Therefore, urgent action will be advisable when you notice stains on upholstery. 

Choose Cleaning Methods According To Your Upholstery Fabric

We can’t use the same cleaning method for different upholstery fabrics. Therefore, analyze your upholstery type, then choose the cleaning method accordingly. This will help to get the best results and maintain upholstery for a longer time. 

Try to optimize these upholstery cleaning tips. Besides that, if you need any professional help, then My Cleaner is here to help you. Our professionals are highly trained in industry standards. We provide upholstery cleaning in Naples and nearby areas. Call us today at  (239) 333-5655 and restore your upholstered furniture. Also, to know more about us follow our social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Is Professional Tile Cleaning Really Worth it? 

Tile and grout cleaning is not a fun task, here people need to get down on their knees and have to scrub the tiles and grout with their hands for hours to make it clean. When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, we usually ignore it just because we just don’t want to do it or we don’t want to spend money on professional tile cleaning services. But we cannot overlook it. Tile and grout cleaning is important for many reasons.

Since wiping the tile regularly is not a big task, the big task is to clean the grout lines. It accumulates stains, dirt, grime, and bacteria frequently. This happens because of the porous nature of the grout. If grout cleaning is overlooked, you may start noticing mold and mildew on your grout and this will degrade the beautiful look of your bathroom.

So now you know how important it is to have a clean tile and grout but the second thing you might think is it worth paying for professional tile cleaning services?

It totally depends on how much time you can manage or have and whether you would love to enjoy that time with loved ones to cleaning. For most people, professional tile cleaning is worth the cost, as this is for many reasons.

T&G cleaning

Merits of Professional Tile Cleaning Services

  • You can invest your precious time in a more important and loved work. You can save money by experimenting with finding the right cleaning solution to get sparkling floors.
  • A professional tile cleaning team will provide a more thorough cleaning than a DIY, leaving your tiles looking like new.
  • The professional techniques will remove the toughest spots and the stain on the tile.
  • Will keep your away from toxic cleaning chemicals.
  • No need to worry about mold and mildew building up between your tiles, becoming a health hazard.

The merits given above show that professional tile cleaning services are worth the cost. When you consider the time, you would spend cleaning your tile and grout, and the money you spend on the products for cleaning, the cost of a professional may actually make perfect sense.

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Best Tips on How to Clean Floor Tiles Naturally

When it comes to flooring options, a majority of the homeowners prefer tiles as the flooring of choice in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and other locations in the home. They look classy, durable, and easy to clean. However, a little dust on the flooring can draw the attention of guests, and this can be an embarrassing moment for you. Thus, the first thing you have to add to your house cleaning checklist is the tile floors. But, if you are struggling with how to clean floor tiles naturally, then these guidelines is the savior. 

Before we learn how to clean tile floors naturally, know what are the major culprits for dirty and dingy tiles.  

  • Constant exposure to water, dirt, dust, and liquid spills.
  • High moisture levels and lack of ventilation that causes mold and mildew.
  • Porous grout that absorbs spills more easily. 
  • Soap scum buildup from mopping, showering, or bathing.

Natural Ways on How to Clean Floor Tiles Naturally

Every tile has a different nature and needs a different way of cleaning technique. For instance, ceramic and porcelain need unique way of cleaning methods. Whereas coarse tiles such as slate, marble, granite, or limestone require individual care and other specific cleaners. Let us see how to clean the floor tiles naturally. 

how to clean floor tiles naturally

  1. How to Clean Ceramic Porcelain Tile Flooring

Initiate the cleaning process with the build-up debris. Mop the area using a rag rather than a sponge mop. Make sure you change water while mopping. Also, if you find discoloration on the kitchen floors, then clean the grouts. Watch out for the soap residue, if there, then clean it with nonabrasive non-purpose cleaner. Now leave the floors to dry.  

  1. How to Clean Slate Tile Flooring 

Slate tile floors are one of the most beautiful natural stones. They come in a wide range of color availability. To clean your slate tile floor, use a gentle detergent that doesn’t contain acidic properties such as vinegar or lemon. If you see any water spots on the floor, then grab a soft towel and clean it. 

  1. How to Clean Marble Flooring

Even though with high maintenance, marble tile flooring is also one of the most popular materials among homeowners. Make sure you never use any cleaning material that has an acidic pH level, i.e., lemon and vinegar. Apart from this, you can make a paste of baking soda and water and then apply to the marble flooring and make sure you do not scrub. You can get in touch with the professional tile and grout cleaners, they are really worth it!  

Get The Best Tile Floor Cleaning Service Near You

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