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Looking For Affordable Carpet Cleaning Near Me?

Probably, you might have landed on this page while searching “carpet cleaning near me?” Right? 

This means your carpet has faced some stain accident or you are looking for a reliable cleaning company for regular cleaning services due to a bad experience with the previous one.

Usually, at the time of booking, the cleaning company claims to be the best in providing deep cleaning services. However, after some days deep stains and grime are clearly visible again on the carpet. No one would like to call them again for cleaning, right? 

As carpet is one of the home’s valuable assets, it is important to hire an experienced professional who will do the right job for you. Let’s see more in detail.

Why it is essential to have a certified professional carpet cleaner?

Just take a moment and think about the things that settle deep into the carpet fibers of your carpet. It can be anything dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, pet and human hair, grime, and whatever else makes its way via the occupants of your home. 

my cleaner

So why it is important to have a professional carpet cleaning team to clean the carpet? The micro build-up could pollute the entire environment of your house. Moreover, it can lead to health issues such as respiratory problems and asthma. Infants can be affected the most as they love to play and spend their maximum time on the carpet. 

Apart from health concerns, a dirty carpet can degrade the appearance of the room. Hence, to cope with such problems, you really need a certified professional carpet cleaning near you. 

A well-trained and certified carpet cleaning company will always use expert-recommended high-powered machines. This will not only make your carpet clean but will also make your home a Hygienic Place to survive.

It becomes very difficult to select a certified and quality carpet cleaning near me in this highly competitive world. As said before everyone claims to the best but does not provide the desired results. 

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Cape Coral, look no further than My Cleaner. Our team of professionals provides the best carpet cleaning near your area. You can rely on our carpet cleaning services, we can assure you will never regret it.

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Professionals at My Cleaner use hot water extraction to deep clean your carpets. The cleaning process also varies on the carpet fabric type. With years of experience, our professionals can probably clean all types of carpet fibers. Our carpet cleaning services are available for the residential and commercial areas both. 

Searching for certified carpet cleaning near me?

Does your carpet have though stains? Contact professionals at My Cleaner. You can call us at (239) 333-5655 for booking and FREE quotes. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter for regular updates regarding offers, coupons, and DIY tips. 

Expert Tips on How to Get Dog Odor Out of Carpet

If you are a parent of one tail-wagging, four-legged friend, it’s not uncommon for dog owners to notice a distinguished odor inside their homes. And once you smell it, you probably won’t like it. Apart from the strong smell of pet accidents and body odors, lingering odors usually smell like moldy wool, and the stench can easily settle in carpets. Even after regular carpet cleaning and regular grooming, the smell can continue to build up each time your dog comes in from outside. So the dog owner has the question “how to get dog odor out of carpet?” 

Fortunately, eliminating dog smells out of your carpet needs some easy steps and one common household cleaner. Read on to learn the easiest and simplest techniques directly from the experts at My Cleaner! 

dog and cat

Cleaning Tips & Recipe Straight From The Experts Vault!

If you prefer a specific store-bought pet odor neutralizer, make sure you follow the instructions printed on the bottle has to avoid carpet damage. Moreover, avoid cleaners with ammonia or vinegar, since the strong scents could attract your pets back to the area you’re trying to clean. In case you can’t able to find a cleaning product you are looking for, follow the steps given below to quickly absorb pet odor from your carpet using an item that usually you have in your kitchen-baking soda

#Pro Safety Tip: An excessive amount of baking soda can be toxic to pets, causing illness, muscle spasms, and even heart failure. Keep your dogs away from any area when you are cleaning the carpet using baking soda

Cleaning tips on how to get dog odor out of carpet

  • Close off the area you are cleaning from your pet. 
  • Then, liberally sprinkle baking soda over the smell or the soiled area. It also depends on the surface area, you may need an additional box. 
  • Now, leave the baking soda overnight. This will absorb the odor as much as possible.  
  • In the morning, vacuum your carpets. 
  • Once you have thoroughly vacuumed the area, you can allow your pet back to the area.

If your pet odor neutralizer or our baking soda method doesn’t completely remove the odor, you can rent a carpet cleaning machine to finish the job. Additionally, make sure you stick to a proper carpet cleaning routine to keep your carpet clean for a longer time. Moreover, avoid using steam cleaners, however, since high heat could set the smell and stain permanently. As a second option on how to get dog odor out of carpet, you can call the experts at My Cleaner. We have the right cleaning products, advanced technologies, and years of cleaning experience to take care of all your carpet cleaning needs

For more details call us at (239) 333-5655. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for regular service updates.  

Professional Guide: The Best Way to Deep Clean Tile Floors

We all know that a clean home is a happy home, but what to do if you have a family that cannot keep the floor clean and spotless? Well, regular cleaning using an expert recommended cleaning solution and methods is the best way to deep clean tile floors. Moreover, it will also maintain the sheen and shine of your home’s tile floors.  

Floors are undergone a lot of wear and tear, from continuous foot traffic causing scuffs to spills that are usually missed during the cleanup, staining tile and grout. In fact, even if you get on your knees and hands to scrub using a wet rag, it might not be enough for some cleaning jobs. 

When it comes to how to clean tile floors, the answer is to clean it the smart way – not the way of a donkey.  

Best way to deep clean tile floors

Know The Floor Type First!

Before you go out and buy a cleaner that has potentially harmful chemicals or substances in it, you’ll want that the cleaner won’t damage your tiles. So, before you go and buy any cleaner, you need to learn some factors about cleaning solutions. 

For instance, natural stones like marble are more vulnerable to damage from toxic cleaning solutions than synthetic materials. The damage occurs because of the chemicals reaction between the acids in the cleaner and the natural calcium carbonate in the stone.

In addition to that, the damage that occurred because chemical reactions are usually permanent. The case similarly goes with the grouts between the tiles which shares the weakness to the acid that natural stone has. Hence, grout should also be treated gently. It would be better if you learn the type of floor cleaning, as the cleaning method varies from floor to floor. This will help you to know what type of floor you have and which cleaning solution and method is best suited for your floor type.  

Best Tips on Tile & Grout Cleaning Solutions and Methods

Once you know what kind of tile you’re working with, you’ll be able to more accurately choose the ideal cleaning solution & cleaning method for your floor. Just because your floor can handle heavy-duty cleaners doesn’t mean you need to blast it with chemicals!

How to Clean Tile & Grout Vulnerable to Chemicals? 

When you want to clean your marble floors, avoid cleaning solutions that have acids to avoid the chemical reactions damaging your tile floor. You might be aware of bleach, it is a basic solution that works well for disinfecting, cleaning, and even whitening things that have lost their color. It goes the same with grouts. Hence, we should treat grouts in the same way as the marble needs.

Pro Tip: Use a toothbrush to apply the cleaning solution and work it deep into the grouts for better results

Here for you, natural and the best way to deep clean tile floors is using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. These are the non-acidic solution that can penetrate past the surface of buildup and clean tiles and grouts deeply. Eventually, using a steam mop will not create any threat to you or your tile – just the germ & buildup. 

How To Clean Tile & Grout In-Vulnerable to Chemicals?

If you are working on porcelain, ceramic, or another tile without calcium carbonate, then you have many options. You can go with bleach or ammonia and acidic cleaners without worrying about the damage. As said before you can use a mop, rag, or any other cleaning tool that allows you to apply the cleaner and some elbow grease to get the stubborn buildup.  

To conclude, if you want your tile floors to look at their best use the best way to deep clean tile floors. If you do not get enough time to care for your bathroom and kitchen to get a professional tile and grout cleaning service in your area. Moreover, if you are looking for professional tile and grout cleaning services in Cape Coral & nearby areas, look no further than My Cleaners. Trust us, we have years of experience, and we strive hard to make each client satisfied with the cleaning services. 

Call us today at (239) 333-5655 for Booking and FREE quotes. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for regular service updates and FREE DIY tips. 

Call My Carpet Cleaner provides super clean carpets without the wetness and stains usually left behind by other cleaners. Choose Call My Carpet Cleaner for top-quality, eco-friendly carpet cleaning and more to leave your home fresh and clean!

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