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Here’s a Quick Way to Remove Car Odor With Baking Soda

Car is an expensive investment in every individual’s life. As you drive your car each day, it’s obvious that you eat, smoke, or drink in it. These are the signs that your upholstery is accumulating stains or smells that create a bad odor. So, how to get rid of a bad smell in the car? Now, it’s easy to remove car odor with baking soda.

Why Baking Soda is Used to Eliminate Car Odor?

Most of the odors are high in pH value. This means that bad odors are acidic. Here, using baking soda is beneficial. It lowers the pH and neutralizes the spot area that causes the odor. As a result, the odor vanishes. Overall, baking soda is renowned as the first odor removal solution that you should consider after cleaning a car.

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Steps to Remove Car Odor With Baking Soda 

Step1: Sprinkle baking soda on car upholstery or carpets. Leave the baking soda on the surface overnight. 

Step2: First in the morning, vacuum up the baking soda. This is the natural way of removing odors quickly as it absorbs the smells. 

Step3: Before sprinkling baking soda on the upholstery or carpet in the car, you can also add a few drops of essential oil to it. This will add a pleasing smell to your car interior.

Step4: You can add baking soda to hidden places in your car like under seats or in the trunk where you don’t need to do the vacuuming. This will allow the bad odor to absorb the properties. 

Remember: Do not sprinkle the baking soda on wet floors or any other surfaces. This is because it will just a clump and not work effectively. 

Baking soda works best for removing odors from refrigerators just like that it works best for cars. Consider buying some or storing it in the trunk, under a car set, or another safe place.

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Want to Know More About Auto Odor Remover? 

If you have a car with bad smoke odors, mold, and mildew or protein odors, then My Cleaner is the ultimate destination. Over the years, we have been providing the best auto odor removal service. From cars, RV to the boat, we help you remove bad odor from all. For more tips to remove car odor with baking soda or other substances, contact us at (239) 333-5655. Even you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for recent updates.

Tried and Tested Tips on How to Clean a Dryer Vent 

Whenever there is a discussion about the dryer vent, the first thing that comes to our mind is regarding the cleaning procedure. It is important to clean your dryer connected with a duct filled with lint and other debris. 

The dryer vent enters the laundry room and exits outside through an external wall. Notice if your clothes take more time to dry or don’t dry fully? If yes, then the time to clean your dryer vent thoroughly. 

But how to clean a dryer vent? Often this question arises when you are immature or performing cleaning for the first time. Keeping this in mind, we have mentioned some of the best tips on how to deep clean dryer vents. 

Steps to Deep Clean Dryer Vents 

Know the exact location of the dryer vent.

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To clean your dryer ventilation system, first, know its exact location and where it ends. In the back of the dryer units, there is a short exhaust that connects to ductwork inside the wall through a pipe. Hot air travels in the pipe and exists on an outside wall of your house. 

Disconnect the dryer with utmost care

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After knowing the start and end connects, now it’s time to disconnect the dryer. First, unplug the machine’s power cord from the wall outlet. Next, remove any tape, keeping the dryer connected to the exhaust. Take the pipe down the wall duct to open up more space to work. If at any point you feel unsure while disconnecting dyer, call the professionals. 

Clean the dryer vent thoroughly.


After disconnecting the dryer vent, clean them thoroughly. For this, purchase a specialized dryer vent cleaning kit. It includes link brush and foot-long flexible segments. Join these parts together to form a rod that spans a full 12 feet. Start cleaning by inserting the brush end of the rod into the duct. Always be patient the process might take a few trials.

Reconnect everything

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Once the cleaning is finished, reconnect all the parts of the dryer vent. Work with safety and precautions so that no fire hazard occurs in your home. If you are still not sure about how to clean a dryer vent, then hiring professionals at My Cleaner is the best solution. Using the latest cleaning equipment, we ensure that the best dryer vent cleaning result

For more knowledge and details about the cleaning of the dryer vent, get in touch with My Cleaner professionals. My Cleaner is been providing dryer vent cleaning in Cape Coral and nearby areas.  Contact us today at (239) 333-5655  for FREE quotes and bookings or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

What To Know Before Hiring Fort Myers Carpet Cleaners? 

Fort Myers is a great place with amazing weather, top-rated schools, and plenty of family-friendly activities. Also, how we can forget the demanding real estate industry in Fort Myers? If you are a resident of Fort Myers and looking to buy or sell a property, then appearance is the main decision-making factor.

Keeping your carpet area sparkling clean is the first step to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property. Here, hiring Fort Myers carpet cleaners will help clean your carpeting. Carpet cleaners share information that helps you hire the best carpet cleaning service. However, not all carpet cleaning company is the same and provide a quality cleaning service at a low price.

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How to Select The Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?

Considering the below tips and asking the right questions to your Fort Myers carpet cleaners will help you choose a reputable carpet cleaning company.

1.  Check About Company’s Experience and Reviews

Having experience means having thorough knowledge in a specific field. Ask how long a company has been in business. Also, verify its social media sites and review sites like Yelp for customer feedback. If there are many poor reviews, then take a U-turn from that place.

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2. Examine Training and Certifications

Check out what type of training Fort Myers carpet cleaners are receiving from the company. The company you are looking to hire should have a team of technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. Other certifications to look for includes Rug Cleaning, Carpet Repair and Reinstallation, and Upholstery Cleaning.

3. Verify the Pricing

It is necessary to check out or compare the pricing of carpet cleaning companies to know the difference and avoid scams. But, price should not be the only factor for you to select a carpet cleaning company.

Get in Touch with the Best Carpet Cleaning Service Provider

If you are in search of reputable Fort Myers carpet cleaners, then no one can beat My Cleaner. Over the years of experience and expertise, we help you provide quality carpet cleaning service in Fort Myers and nearby areas. We use the best methods and organic cleaning solutions to clean your carpet area without causing damage. To know more about our cleaning services, then contact us at (239) 333-5655 or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Call My Carpet Cleaner provides super clean carpets without the wetness and stains usually left behind by other cleaners. Choose Call My Carpet Cleaner for top-quality, eco-friendly carpet cleaning and more to leave your home fresh and clean!

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