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Home hacks to save money on odor removal services

Professional Odor Removal Services Can Make Your Home Smell Pleasent…

No one can deny that puppies are adorable, but people don’t relish their tell-scents. They play, run on and around the carpets. Moreover, they are always ecstatic when you return home. Nevertheless, having a puppy at home can create a total mess of dog urine, odor, and hair. Moreover dealing with pet-related issues can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some ways that can keep your house smelling fresh without giving your furry friend the boot.  

Before the residual of pet odors set into your home and belongings, learn how do professionals perform odor removal services. This will help you to keep the odor and bacteria at bay.

My Cleaner Pet Odor Removal Services

5 Steps That Can Make Your Home Odor-Free

Vacuum the area

Firstly, you need to vacuum the area thoroughly to remove the pet hairs and dander.  

Sprinkle the magic powder

Baking soda has an awesome odor-absorbing property and the best thing it is free of VOC-laden perfumes and chemicals that are really bad for your health. Now sprinkle some on your carpet after you are done with a thorough vacuuming. Then leave it for some time, let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum it up, you can repeat it if the odors reappear in the future.

Use washing machines.

Area rugs, blankets, and linens can be washed in the washer, they can be easily deodorized in the washer. So, first, add a 1-lb box of baking soda to your daily detergent, and air-dry the items in the sun when possible. Even after the wash, you can smell the pet odor rewash it using an enzymatic cleaner.  

Examine old messes and treat it

In case the cleaning methods given above fail to deal with the odor issues, it might be possible you may have overlooked an older pet accident. To deal with the older pet stain the best thing is to use black lights. These lights can help you to find the dried soil areas. Once you have located the mess, proper cleaning will lead to success in eliminating pet odors.

Destroy odor with ozone

If odors are tough, an ozone machine can be the helping hand for you. Cost-effective and safe, ozone generators disinfect and deodorize the odor without the need for irritating chemicals. Not like stable oxygen molecules containing 2 oxygen atoms, ozone is composed of 3 atoms. You can buy or can get ozone machines for rent.

Ozone treatment takes approximately 1-12 hours depending on the size of the area. Many opt for a service, as ozone machines cannot be used when your house is occupied by people, animals, or plants.  Professional services also have fans and ventilation equipment to assist the ozone treatment, ensuring every crack and crevice is reached and the property can be aired out to decrease exposure to ozone, boosting its conversion back to oxygen.

For any reason, you are not satisfied with the DIY steps, you can call My Cleaners @ (239) 333-5655. We provide professional pet odor removal services in Cape Coral and nearby areas. The combination of the latest tools, methods, and experience makes our professionals stand out from the crowd. Call us today for bookings and free estimates.

How Should I Maintain My Carpet After Professional Carpet Cleaning?

When you just had professional carpet cleaning in your home, it becomes very important for you to maintain it properly so you can enjoy clean carpets for a longer time. Here are some tips that you should consider to keep your carpets clean after professional carpet cleaning.   

Wait Before Walking

Never walk across wet carpeting. Allow carpets to dry completely first, whether you clean up a small spill or after a professional cleaning.

Remove Shoes at Door But Don’t Go Barefoot Inside

Walking barefoot on the professionally cleaned carpet is not a good idea. The reason behind this is the natural oils from your skin can leave an oily residue behind. This oily residue can attract dirt and debris and make the carpet look dirty. Instead of going completely barefoot, walk on your carpet while wearing socks or home slippers.

Quickly Clean The Stains And Spills

Make sure you always respond quickly to spills and stains. The longer the spill remains on the carpet, the more difficult it to remove it.

Blot Only

Instead, blotting the spills or stains. Blotting helps to soak up the spill, whereas rubbing causes the spill to soak into the carpet fibers. Firstly, use water to clean the spill then use a clean white towel or paper towels and blot it. Some sources recommend using a carpet spot cleaner or stain remover. However, some advise harsh chemicals, but only when water does not work. Try a little bit of dish detergent. Even if this trick fails you need to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

Are you among those people who vacuum their carpet only when they think it needs vacuuming? Keeping your carpet looking cleaner for longer needs regular carpet cleaning after the professionals have completed the task, whether it needs or not. Vacuuming helps to remove dirt particles you may not see. Vacuuming regularly also helps remove pollutants carried inside.

Searching for a professional carpet cleaning company providing services in Cape Coral and nearby areas? My Cleaner is one of the reputable and reliable carpet cleaning companies. With years of experience, we assure to deliver quality services.

Get your carpets cleaned today!!!

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No.1 Concern: How Much Time Should A Carpet Take To Dry?

The most common and frequently asked question we get to hear from people is “how much time does it take to dry after carpet cleaning?”  We’ve all heard stories about cheap cleaning companies who have cleaned an expensive carpet that has then taken several days to dry. Call My Carpet Cleaner professionals to aim for all carpets to dry within 4-8 hours. Why does it take this long, and why is there such a variance in the time it takes?

It varies according to the carpet and the situation

The reason for this extended drying time estimation is that every house structure is different, and so is the situation. Different carpet fibers take different times to dry. For instance, wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water, whereas polypropylene carpets don’t absorb anything. As a consequence, the water stays on top of the surface so that the carpet feels damper for longer.

Another reason for longer carpet drying time is that it depends on the amount of soil in the carpet. If your carpet is heavily soiled or it’s been a long time since it was cleaned, then more cleaning solutions need to be applied to break down the embedded soils. This will help you to extract more dirt as compared to regular carpet cleaning.

Temperature and humidity also play a major role in deciding how long your carpet will take to dry. If the atmosphere is cold, it can take longer for your carpet to dry. This is because the movement of heat and air causes moisture to evaporate faster than in a cold environment. Air that is humid doesn’t take kindly to even more moisture since it’s already full of it, so quick evaporation doesn’t occur.

Warm dry air means that your carpet will dry quicker, think of your clothes dryer or hairdryer. When it’s set on high, it will dry your hair faster than in a low, cool setting. Moreover, a carpet with a longer fiber can take more time to get dry than a carpet with shorter fibers.  

So why do times vary between the carpet cleaning companies?

This depends on a variety of factors including the method of cleaning, the experience of the technician, and the quality of the equipment. My Cleaner has an experienced team that can identify the type of cleaning the carpet needs and the appropriate cleaning solution for it. Our state-of-the-art cleaning truck-mounted equipment is very much powerful and has the capability of extracting as much water as possible from your carpets so that they take less time to dry. We also come equipped with large blowers and fans to circulate the air and help carpets to dry faster. With years of experience in the industry and thousands of satisfied customers, your carpet is in safe hands.

You can call us at (239) 333-5655 for any queries related to our services. We guide you with the best solution for your carpet issues. We provide carpet cleaning in Cape Coral and nearby areas. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the latest updates and offers.

Call My Carpet Cleaner provides super clean carpets without the wetness and stains usually left behind by other cleaners. Choose Call My Carpet Cleaner for top-quality, eco-friendly carpet cleaning and more to leave your home fresh and clean!

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