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DIY- Area Rug Cleaning by My Cleaner

Eventually, the time comes when your area rug or removable rug needs more than just another vacuuming. In case stains are getting penetrated deep into the rug fibers with the dust, that means you really need to give some time for your rug. The best option is to hire a professional but it would be appropriate when the case is critical. In case of a small problem, you can clean your rug yourself, the only thing you require is the right tools and a good amount of knowledge with the best methods. 

Here is how to clean area rug: 

Set Up a Location in Open Area to wash 

Summer is the best time to wash or clean your rug because you can easily do it outside, in an open area. Select a day when there is a sunny and clear weather forecast, and set a location to clean your rug. Set a strong support system where you can hang them after washing because they become too heavy after washing. 

Vacuum The Rug Thoroughly On Both Sides 

Begin with a deep thorough vacuuming. First vacuum the fiber, then flip the rug over and vacuum the other side to remove any nagging dust around. When done with vacuuming, it’s time to roll it up carefully and take the rug outside to your cleaning spot. Prop it up at the station with the right side facing you. 

If you find your rug still dusty at this stage, you can take a page out from the old frontier book and beat it using a broom. Make sure you give firm knocks to remove the dust clouds coming out from the rug. 

Wash the Rug properly and then Apply Shampoo 

Use a safe shampoo, and take a garden hose and give your rug a nice rinse. It is ok if it gets too wet, you need to prepare it well for the shampoo application. A brush with a stout handle is normally the best way to work the shampoo deep into the rug fiber. Make sure you make no mistakes as this process requires lots of scrubbing and foam. 

After shampooing and scrubbing leave it for some time as indicated by the experts or the manufacturers of the rug. When the time comes, hose down the rug again. It’s important to rinse all the shampoo out, so you aren’t left with the residue.  

This step requires patience. So, you need to leave the rug in open so it dries out quickly. When the rug gets dried, vacuum once again so the fibers get a fresh and new look.  

Follow these given tips to treat your rug at home. If in case you are not confident contact My Cleaner. We provide Area rug cleaning in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, and nearby areas. You can call us at (239) 333-5655. You can also fill up our online inquiry form so our experts will get back to you soon. 

Effective Tips to Get Rid of Mold from Air Duct

Nowadays black mold is increasing in numbers and they could be poisonous, they can be seen in any area that provides eatables. Humid and stale surroundings give this fungus the food they need to thrive and expand. Including inside walls and inside vents. When you spot black mold in air duct cleaning, then vents out is the first step, but you will also need to rid of mold from air duct completely.

For your information, not all black mold is dangerous, there are various types of fungi. To tell if black mold may be growing in your home is threatening, just follow your nose. Black mold gives out a musty, earthy smell, like dirt and rotting leaves. That is an indicating sign of mold’s presence because Black mold smells very strong. All mold requires water and a dark, stagnant surrounding with a temperature that is normal.

Let see some common cause of black mold in HVAC System 

These usually occur when the air duct system is not vented properly. Mold in air ducts most commonly occurs when there is moisture inside the ductwork. As chill air passes through the vents in hot days, the moisture in the air can be condensed inside the air vent. You can see the same concept when you drink an icy beverage, and water beads up on the outside of the glass. When moisture is present, mold can flourish inside vents. The mildew can be introduced into the vents in several ways.

Here is some step by step list shared by My Cleaner experts to help you in mold removal at home.

Step #1 Inspection

Make sure the thing you suspect to be a black mold tested to be sure that it is black mold in air ducts. Actually, this type of fungus is threatening. Spotting at the right moment can avoid a time consuming and expensive cleanup.

Step #2 Identification

You need to identify the source which is causing the mold. Damp wall interiors and wet baseboards can contribute to mold. Identify the problem and treat the main cause of mold, this ensures the problem doesn’t happen.

Step #3 Insulation

Check the insulation around the HVAC system in your house. If the molds in the air vents have turned into peripheral insulation, you need to replace this material.

Step 4: Cleaning

A clean inner side of the air vents using a cleaner. Since the removal of mold in an inappropriate way can be a waste of money and time, you need to approach some professionals such as My Cleaner. My Cleaners professionals have years of experience in air duct cleaning. My Cleaners can help you to remove fungus with the help of professional equipment and knowledge.

We provide Air Duct Cleaning in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, and nearby areas. Call us today at (239) 333-5655


4 Ways to Eliminate Pet Odor From Your Home

There are a variety of items available in the market to get rid of pet stain, it is simple to wind up confounded by the whole process. For an individual it really simple to end up buying a truck heap of items that you don’t bother with while avoiding the simple thing that could help you to control pet odor. It is not that you spend money to buy all the pet odor removal resources. While it is recommended that you get professional help. Here are 4 ways of eliminating pet odor from the house.

1. Cleaning Supplies

You need to keep all the items in your home to rapidly deal with all pet smells. This ought to incorporate in any event dish cleanser, hydrogen peroxide, borax, and vinegar. All these are some family-used items that a larger part of individuals has close by which may be utilized to adequately kill about every single pet odor rapidly and without a lot of work.

By using supplies that can kill the scent, you can refresh your house, without including a wide range of supplies that could eventually compound the smell in your home. This may grant you to appreciate the merits of cautions utilization of supplies and in addition, still confirms that your home smells superb.

2. Air Purifier

Purchase a good quality air purifier for your home. Trust us it is truly valuable not simply to eliminate pet odor that could be sneaking yet it can likewise uproot stuff like airborne earth and tidy, pet dander, and dust. These are the things that create odors in your home. This affects the people who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma. These little issues can lead to huge problems, so it better you invest in a good quality air purifier. So, your home can inhale good quality air.

3. Pet Vacuum Cleaner:

Look for a good quality pet vacuum cleaner, this can help you to take out from the floor covering and zone mats any pet hair and some of the smells. These can help you to evacuate odor rapidly and effectively without any exertion. You can get a great result using it and above all make your work easier and faster.

4. Air Neutralizer Will be Helpful

Other additional steps that you can take to deal with bad scent includes air fresheners around your home that really absorbs the smell. Items, for instance, the ones accessible in the business sector amazing in this appreciation since they just discharge a little scent and achieve more to remove the smell that most regular air fresheners do. It is important that you set aside the chance to effectively learn the cleaning procedures that’ll be required so as to ensure that you are on the right way towards making progress. Proper use of a cleaning procedure will be extremely useful.

These are a few steps that could help you in dealing with odor in your home. Call My Cleaner at (239) 333-5655 if you need professional help. We provide pet odor and stain removal in Cape Coral and nearby areas. You can fill up our inquiry form to contact us. Our staff will call you back soon to serve you.

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