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Quick Tips For Couch Steam Cleaning

Couch cleaning is vital to eliminate dirt and stains from daily wear and tear. Couch steam cleaning is the best and efficient way of cleaning in an eco-friendly manner. Regular steam cleaning will also help to prolong the life of your couch and sofa sets.  

Steam cleaning uses steam generated with water to carry out the cleaning indifference to other chemical methods and hence it is safe. Some of the machines also have the feature of using a cleaning solution that is sprayed along with the water and providing systematic cleaning.  

These types of sprays are considered when you want to get rid of any odor stains on the couches. To have general cleaning, only a steam jet is enough. 

Here are quick tips for Couch Steam Cleaning: 

Tip #1: Check instructions tag on furniture: 

Firstly, check the information tag on the furniture, before starting steam cleaning. If the furniture has s code, then the fabric can only be cleaned using solvent-based cleaner and steam cleaning cannot be used in such conditions. Couch steam cleaning is good with furniture having a W code.  

Tip #2: Make sure you do a patch test  

If you are not confident about the product, make sure you do a patch test first to avoid unwanted results. Perform cleaning on a small patch area, preferably a hidden area. So, even though it gets ruin you can hide it. If the product is not harmful to the fabric, then it is good to go with the cleaning. 

Tip #3: Use A Vacuum Cleaner Prior  

Before starting steam cleaning, vacuum and remove any dust particles, pet hair, and other loose particles. Direct use of steam might make loose particles stick on the surface of your couch. 

Tip #4: Assemble and prepare your cleaner 

Assemble your cleaning machine by reading the instruction first. The temperature must be at 158° F at least for sanitation and at least 212° F for disinfecting the surface. 

Tip #5: Couch surfaces cleaning 

Make sure you move from the upside surface making your way down when cleaning the couch. Take care and clean every small section as well. It approximately takes 30 to 40 seconds to clean every patch. 

Tip #6: Dry Your Couch 

This is the last step, after cleaning, leave your couch for some time, so it dries.  

Though you can easily perform this task of couch cleaning easily on your own, for removing deep dirt stains and stubborn stains it is recommended to call professionals for help who will definitely provide you with the best services worth the prices you pay. 

My Cleaner is a Green Cleaning Company and uses green cleaning products for cleaning services. For any type of couch/upholstery cleaning requirements in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, and nearby areas call us at (239) 333-5655 

Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is one of the most expensive assets of your home. In fact, homeowners invest a huge amount and time on carpets because it enhances the look of the room. Parallelly people need to know carpet faces the most and direct foot traffic which contributes to dirt accumulation and general wear and tear. It is important to keep the carpet clean and well maintained to not only keep it looking new but also to increase its longevity. It is vital to have a professional carpet cleaning twice a year depending on the amount of foot traffic in your residence.

Extends Life

One of the best and major benefits of a professional carpet cleaning service is that it helps extends the life of your carpet. Over time, dirt, dust, allergies and other debris accumulate in the carpet and get penetrated within the fibers which can eventually cause the fiber to deteriorate. Extracting this built-up of dirt and debris will help improve the longevity of the carpet as dust and other debris are more likely to adhere to a dirty carpet than a clean carpet.

Most professional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction cleaning methods to effectively remove the dirt from deep within the fibers and leave the carpet sanitized. Homeowners can also do regular vacuuming to remove the buildup of dirt.

Healthy Environment

Dust and allergens trapped into the carpet fibers may find their way into the breathing air where they can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other health problems. The high temperature of the water used by most carpet cleaning professionals kills off these allergies so that they are no longer a health threat and leave the surface of the carpet fully sanitized.

Bacteria Removal

It is much easier to vacuum around the home than hiring a carpet cleaning service, but vacuuming will only help to remove dirt. So, all that debris that has become embedded with the fiber will stay on your carpet unit it receives professional treatment.

Over time, this will cause excess wearing on the fibers, deteriorating it faster. Bacteria in the carpet can also create odor, making it more difficult to breathe for those battling asthma or other dangerous allergies.

Enhances appearance

While one may not notice it at first, over time the room can look dirty and outdated just by the condition of the carpet. Through professional carpet cleaning not only the fibers looking new but also improves the aesthetics of the room.

Carpet is the largest furnishing in a room. Carpet receives the most traffic in a day. It makes sense, but not many people give much thought about exactly how much dirt is being tracked every day.

If you think your carpet needs some cleaning and you are not confident in handling yourself. Then you can contact Call My Cleaner. We are one of the best carpet cleaners in Cape Coral. We provide carpet cleaning in Cape Coral and nearby areas.

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Basic Ways TO Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpet is the precious object which makes your house look beautiful and attractive. Many people are not treating their carpets as an investment, but trust us it is an investment that makes you and your home feel warm. My Cleaner as a professional carpet cleaning company takes pride to clean your carpets with an effective cleaning product that depends on your carpet type. 

If you are looking for carpet cleaning professionals in Cape Coral then our well-trained technicians are always happy to help you by providing the most effective services with the exact result which you are looking for. Carpets may consume dirt mites, allergens, and different kinds of odors. Which needs to get clean to maintain a hygienic and healthy atmosphere at home. 

Following are some ways through which you can take care of your important investment towards your home and enhance the beauty of your carpet. 

Vacuuming Factor: 

Vacuuming is one of the most primary ways to keep your carpet clean on a frequent basis. Through vacuuming, you are able to remove all the dry soil from the area which gets huge foot traffic. 

Dry particulate soil needs to get out of your carpet, hence it scratches the carpet fiber as you walk on it. This cause the traffic pattern and shading issue which ruin the beauty of your carpet. 

Use Carpet Protector: 

Replacing the carpet sounds so expensive, isn’t it? 

The better way to save some money is to take care of your carpet by using a carpet protector. A carpet protector will extend the life of your carpet and protect it from mold, bacteria, dirt, and stains. 

Spills and stains add unbearable odors to your carpet which make your entire room smell bad. Carpet protectors will help you to make your home and room smelling fresh.  

Trim the Snags: 

Do you have kids or dogs at home? if yes, then there are possibilities of having snag at some points of your carpet. And pulling the snag will make the situation worse. So, in this case, you need to use a pair of scissors to cut the snag and prevent it from losing the charm. 

Welcome Mat: 

You can use the welcome mat at the front of your door which helps your carpet to stay clean. 

Even if you have applied the above-mentioned precautions it’s still important to have professional carpet cleaning once a year. If you feel that it is the right time to have the best and effective professional carpet cleaning then you can call My Cleaner at (239) 333-5655 Our executive will give you the best advice according to your need of service. 

Pet Stains and Odor Removal Simple DIY Solutions

If you are a pet owner, you know that accidents happen. There is just no getting around it. When your loving pet leaves their mark on your carpet, you could call a professional carpet cleaning company specializing in pet stains and odor removal. If you are up to the task, and you are prepared, you can deal with it yourself. Besides that, you can save some money and save your carpets.

No matter, removing pet stains and odors is not a fun thing to do, you can easily handle most pet accidents if you know what to do and have the products you need on hand.

Therefore, for the DIY route, here are the items you should have handy.

  • plenty of clean white terry cloth towels, or white (non-printed) paper towels
  • white vinegar
  • liquid dishwashing detergent
  • baking soda
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • rubber gloves

If you act quickly, the little gift your four-legged friend left for you has no chance of becoming a permanent stain on your carpet.

If the area is still wet you should first attempt to absorb as much as the liquid as possible. Leaving it there to dry will encourage bacteria growth. Besides that, it causes the odor while giving the acids in the urine the opportunity permanently to discolor your carpet.

Step #1

The best method for removing the moisture is to place several layers of paper towels over the wet area and apply pressure with your foot. The goal is to transfer as much of the liquid as possible from the carpet to the towels. You may have to repeat this several times and you will want to do it until there is no moisture whatsoever transferring to the paper towels.

However, sometimes our pets can be smart and more than a little sneaky. Catching them in the act is simply not going to happen. As pet owners, we all know how that works. So what if we find a spot after it is dry? This can be a little tougher to deal but like they say, “Better late than never”.

Step #2

The next step, whether you are dealing with a fresh wet spot or one that had time to dry, is to retrieve your handy pet stain remedy products (mentioned above) and mix a solution of fifty percent white vinegar and fifty percent water.  I would suggest mixing a quart (16 Oz of water and 16 Oz of white vinegar) and filling a 32 Oz spray bottle and spray a liberal amount of this solution onto the spot.

Then work the solution into the carpet by agitating gently with the handle end of a spoon or fork. (no brushes – no rubbing – no scrubbing). Apply enough of the solution to thoroughly penetrate the fibers all the way down to the base of the carpet.

Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes then get out your terry cloth or paper towels and blot up the moisture again by folding and making about a 1-inch stack and applying pressure with your foot.  Go ahead and stand on it – it is a lot easier than rubbing and better for your carpet.

The vinegar in the solution that neutralizes the ammonia in the dog urine. This is a good thing because there is less of a chance your pet will unfairly influence to return to the same spot. If you own a wet/dry vacuum or a Bissel “Spot Bot” or “Little Green Machine” (every pet owner needs one of these) use that to remove any excess moisture.

Step #3

When the area is dry or is just slightly damp, sprinkle a good handful of baking soda over the affected area.

Step #4

Then mix half a cup (4 ounces) of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent. Liquid Dawn would be perfect. Never use caustic (automatic) dishwasher detergent. These often have bleaching agents that can create some very undesirable effects to the color of your carpet.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and slowly pour or spray the hydrogen peroxide and detergent mixture over the baking soda. Work the dissolving baking soda well into the carpet with your fingers or use the handle end of a spoon or fork. Fraying carpet fibers is not something you want to do. So no brushing, rubbing or scrubbing.

Step #5

Allow the area to dry completely, vacuum thoroughly and that’s it.

In areas that have heavy soil with dog urine, you may have to treat the area as mentioned above more than once.

The solution formula described above is for one small area. For larger or multiple areas you will need to adjust the quantities of ingredients.


Never use ammonia or ammonia-based products on the carpet to remove pet urine or the resulting stain. One of the ingredients of urine is ammonia and your dog or puppy may well be encouraged to re-offend in the same area once it detects the smell of ammonia. Many household cleaners contain ammonia so be sure to carefully read the label.

Hire a certified professional for any large problem areas. If you wish to attempt pet stain and odor removal yourself, consider that the affected area should be small, not more than a foot in diameter. You should consult a professional if the affected areas are larger or if there are multiple areas that need attention.

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